Operation “Im in ur interwebz”: Day Two

Well, I haven’t done anything yet because I’m handling the 23:00~07:00 shift and due to some life issues (Yes, I was going out with Dragos, my friend and got late) I arrived around 00:00…

In any event, I couldn’t work on my operation today because, well, there’s no much computers to poke around with. Though I figured out a good thing to do considering my current tools.

Y’see, Virtual PC doesn’t abuse my resources but the image becomes really slow. To over come this, I came up with this ultimatistic (I know that’s not a word!) solution: Just let the virtual computer poison and keep the host sniff and wiff…

In this scenario, the image make use of the LAN interface which the computer uses too. Which means I can sniff data coming to my laptop and my virtual image. So I don’t have to abuse the virtual computer and let it ONLY starts ARP-POISONING while let the laptop starts sniffing and storing data in my laptop (Saves me pain moving them from the virtual computer to my host computer) and use real resources rather than virtual ones.

And because I haven’t poked around with things related to our VoIP system, I haven’t been able to record others calls (Which I should try soon). So I’ll keep you guys up-to-date.

Right now, I’m going to try some tools I’ve just found… Not sharing names yet, but when I get things done, I might actually consider sharing =D (They keyword here is “might”)…

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