Opera Mini for iPhone Approved by Apple

Do you have an Iphone?

Are u looking for the app thats gonna change EVERYTHING for you? (well just browsing to be honest)

Then look no further! ITS HERE! and ITS FREE !

Recently, Opera browser was released for the iphone, ofcourse apple, being the evil company that it is, took over 3 weeks to approve it. However its finally here!
Its in the kuwait market, i just downloaded it and its AMAZING!

Enjoy 😀

2 thoughts on “Opera Mini for iPhone Approved by Apple

  1. DUDE DUDE!!! I JUST Freak’n downloaded the app when I read the news and OMG!!! I was blown away!! Safri kiss my ARSE!! I <3 Opera!!! Now we need to see if Firefox or Chrome coming into the app scene.

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