Open source seminar tomorrow in the Chamber of Commerce building

We would like to invite you all to the Seminar “An opportunity to re-invent IT with open source in-between the current economical challenges” on March 23, 2010 in Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry building the coming Tuesday from 9 am to 11 am.

This seminar will be presented by Mr. Anuj Kumar (Senior Director, Middle East & Africa) at Red Hat, and Mr. Elias Bayeh, Vice President, Executive Programs at Gartner.

for more details, please visit:

This is a great chance to gain more information from prominent figures in the open source world (and free food/stuff, I hope). and if you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t have anything better to do from 9 till 11 (work/school), go ahead and attend and tell us how it went.

Just a note, this is a public seminar (no need to regester or pay). more information can be found at:

7 thoughts on “Open source seminar tomorrow in the Chamber of Commerce building

  1. Thanks for posting this 😀

    I talked to my company and am going today 😀 I hope its good 😀
    I love open source

  2. Meh it was a marketing event to talk about the good stuff to be found in open source. then a manager from redhat came and did some more talk about redhat say its a leader in os etc.. etc.. they are better than commercial software and they dont make u pay for licenses (but u pay for a subscription which is the same thing.

    etc.. etc.. they didnt even give any free cds lol

    so all in all it was nothing new.
    nothing u cant find in 30 mins on wikipedia.

  3. … not even a pen :'( (and here i thought redhat was a major player in the os arena)

    I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up when i heard that an open source event was going to be held in our little kuwait.

    I guess the only way to have a decent (interesting/fun) open source event is if it was done by individuals. thanks firas1886 for sharing

  4. dude, I saw this post on the day it was posted and I WOULD dearly love to go there but I couldn’t cause of work. Do you happen to have a slide show or video of the conference. Or any info that you can share on the conference? I’m quite interested in knowing.

  5. well am telling u
    it was nothing too new, a bit of talk from a guy from Gartner (a major research company) about the importance of open source and the hype of virtualization and cloud computing.

    then the manager of marketing of redhat for middle east and africa gave a lecture about red hat and how it handles virtualization and cloud and how it is a major open source leader.

    Am serious, the only thing u missed was the food :p
    i wouldve been happy with a free fedora cd …

    all the information said can be found on wikipedia pages on cloud , virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux server.

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