OiNK Found NOT Guilty?!

You may or may not be familiar with “OiNK” a famous private torrent tracker site for downloading music that’s similar to Waffles or What.cd has been shutdown for two years due to prosecutors were claiming that the admins had a dishonest intention by making a profit through music file sharing. Recently, the court room announced the victim Allen Elis, founder and admin of OiNK.cd “Not Guilty” and that today he was walks away a free man. Does this prove that file sharing or pirating sites harm major film or music industries? No,not really. A study from the University of London has provided the courtroom a clear evidence stating that file-sharing or P2P sites do not harm the entertainment business at all. On the contrary, they actually help increase sales. Clearly, this redefines the statement “Do pigs fly?” In this case of OiNK; yes they DO!

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