Oil cooled PCs!?

I remember seeing something like THIS… But nothing like the thing below…

DVice made this Oil Cooling PC Case so you could dip your whole computer in that oil to cool it down (They’ve done it using SSDs so that should be ok)… BUT DAMN IT COSTS $11,000!!!

I prefer the cheap method… Cooking oil cooling pc mod… So in case I got hungry, I could just throw some food and cook’em =P

Here’s the Hackaday Link.
Here’s the DVice link.

6 thoughts on “Oil cooled PCs!?

  1. One of the old generation Apple Mac Pro (formerly known as Power Mac) had a liquid cooled processor cooling system but it’s proven to be risky thus it had been removed from their late designs. [link]

  2. oh they did? never thought they would… interesting… i wonder if they’d consider re-doing it again

    but this one is funny… imagine you go to the nearest car garage to buy some oil because your computer cooling oil expired =P

    I just hope that computers doesn’t end up to be cars =P

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