Oh noes! Please tell me that Lenovo didn’t say that!!

Even though I’m becoming a Microsoft fanboy (And this post kinda benefits me), I had to go sad over this post…

Lenovo analyst said that Microsoft Windows is easier on the customer than Linux since Linux is too technical and all…

His argument is about the fact that most users just want their (note\net)books to work… Which means Linux isn’t the right option for them since it requires some efforts that a normal user wouldn’t be interested in pushing since he\she\it only wants the damn thing to work… Which is why Windows is a better option and solution in this case…

He’s kinda right, but I always think learning something (Even if you don’t really need it) is better than doing things blindly…

Click here to read the PC AUTHORITY post for more details since I suck at’em

3 thoughts on “Oh noes! Please tell me that Lenovo didn’t say that!!

  1. i’m with lenovo on this one.
    even ubuntu needs a little bit of work if you use anything other then the stock apps then come preloaded.

  2. Want it to “just work” has been the ever lame excuse by people and manufacturers alike.

    It’s the fact that manufacturers are to be blamed for not releasing decent drivers and relying on the very limited community to reverse engineer the drivers!!!

    When you get Linux on any machine, it works and it keeps working, and working, and working, and …etc.

    When you get Windows, the drivers work, but the OS would crap on you sooner than you can say zomgpinkpwniesareatingmymemory.

    Quoting the article: “Kohut was quick to shoot down ideas of Linux taking off outside of netbooks, citing poor hardware and vendor support”


  3. #the tables have turned…

    MBH, Linux is AWESOME. i’ll give you that. but it’s still too complicated for noobs.
    this is probably because linux is not windows. it doesn’t share windows architectural desgine. and since most of us came into the linux world from with a windowized background. it would be difficult for normal (GUI) users to adapt.

    personally, I think windows is a virus (no, alittle bit lower then that)
    but until people relize that, lenovo was right to choose windows. i would too, but in a dual partition schema with ubuntu to be noob friendly 🙂

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