Number 5

This is sort of a strange thing that i recently noticed, actually it was the dentist whom brought my attention to it, let me tell you this little story of mine:
one night i wake up with pain in my tooth, the pain was disastrous, by disastrous i mean i was punching each and every wall in the house, funny thing is am quit familiar with that pain, i know it was a infected nerve in one of my teeth, after two weeks of daily visits to the dentist i fixed -FIVE- teeth (yes i know!) that had infected nerves, and fixed my frontal tooth (which now looks amazing, i can’t stop smiling :P), anyways, as i said -FIVE- nerves, and funny thing is that 4 of those -FIVE- are marked as number -FIVE-, i mean if you count the sector where the infected tooth is, you’ll find that its number five, so basically i have four -FIVES- and another one, which in total make -FIVE- (_-_-shrugs-_-_), see pic bellow:


when i came to realize that, i started looking for more things, magically my house number is -FIVE- and the street number is 230 which when added together, 2+3+0=-FIVE-.
my old house was in street -FIVE- and it used to be in block 3 house number two,
which again 2+3=-FIVE- !!
and i remember when i was a little kid i really loved the number -FIVE-, i just loved the way you write it in english. >.>
is it me, or is the world one major conspiracy!!?

4 thoughts on “Number 5

  1. I wasted a minute reading that, i wonder how many minutes you wasted thinking about that?
    After this, i come to conclude: MAN you have plenty of free time, get a hobby 😛
    But looking at it, i like random thoughts, so keep it up. 😀

  2. From the grocery store;

    Third cabinet, 5th row, behind the leban boxes 😛

    I ALWAYS find my free time there 😛

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