NowPublic and my Spinning Coffee picture

Since I started going to Dunkin’Donuts, things started to go in some weird direction. Weird doesn’t mean bad… It just means something I’m totally not used to but could be good…

Well… This time it IS good!!!

Got back home, attached my BandRich to my computer and started my flash Xubuntu in my laptop, shared the connection and updated my flash…

Restarted my laptop and started Windows XP… Checked my email and I saw a new Flickr email:

Hi Flickr user,

We at NowPublic are working on coverage of Dunkin Donuts
pulling Rachel Ray ad, and your image would be a great
addition. We would very much appreciate its use, with
proper attribution to you of course. You are also welcome
to add to the story in the comments field, all accessible
through the link below. If you run into any problems, feel
free to contact me at XXX@XXXXXXXXX.XXX.



So I agreed and approved the picture… Never thought something like this would happen… I mean c’mon, I’m used to bad luck and all… But this is SO NICE!!! SO GREAT!!! Another motive to get deeper into photography (which means I must buy that Olympus e-520).

Here’s the picture’s link.
Here’s the NowPublic link.


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