“Not even norton can protect you” — Jinx.com

The picture you see above was my Peugeot 206 R.I.P few years ago. And yes, I was this awesome 😛 (And yes, I bullied police officers by those stickers… Long story that I’m too lazy to fill you in)

Anyway, some security researchers from MATOUSEC developed a method to bypass virtually (And probably really) every AV software.

The method, in short, is to inject some malicious codes in the driver hook. It has to be timed right though in multi-cores, it’ll be hard for a thread to follow up with each others.

To make it shorter, every AV software is vulnerable to this annoying attack.

Before you start flaming Windows and Microsoft, this attack haven’t been implemented yet (Thank god) and no OS is safe from vulnerabilities… Now, interested in details? Check the source.


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