6 thoughts on “Nissan’s awesome concept car!

  1. 1) It’s a concept, ofcourse it wouldn’t last
    2) Why wouldn’t it last here in Kuwait? It’s electric, no need for gas or fuel and our electricity is fairly cheap.

  2. Loolykinns: you’re not looking at the whole picture. electricity isn’t the only factor here. you’re forgetting the oh-so-known drivers factor.
    by drivers, i mean kuwaities and non-kuwaities who are driving a car without knowing the first thing about driving. something this small is not strong enough to withstand the effects of normal accidents. one crash and you’re history!

  3. Tell that to my mini ex-car which I totalled (survived for 3 years being heavily abused by me)… It was Peugeot 206 😛

    You remember my car perfectly

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