New blog rules

Alright, seems like my rules needs to be improved…

This blog used to dedicate posts to geekness and stuff… But I think thats not just enough for the following reasons:

*   Some friends are going to help me out posting stuff…
I know it won’t be anything geeky (Well, not always)… Mostly will be about their personal life, whining and stuff or just something they feel like sharing…
*   I’d be posting some personal stuff as well…
I face alot of issues with friends, college, normal life, computers, phoods and countless stuff… I’m sure most people wont be interested. But who knows? maybe SOME will be… And maybe SOME will throw an advice or two…

So rules will change to something like these:
#1   No religious posts. No exceptions.
#2   No political posts. No exceptions.
#3   Geek-related posts are a must. By me, or by other posters (inshallah) which have to be revised and confirmed provided with decent sources and pictures
#4   Mac posts are allowed. I’ll personally be Mac flaming anyone who posts a Mac supporting post. Unless it’s so good that I can’t flame it.
#5   No comments will be deleted. Unless they’re pingbacks, spams or repeated ones (repeated ones will be fixed though). Few exceptions.
#6   If a comment did not appear instantly, I’m sure Akismet is holding it to revise it
#7   Offensive words are allowed. Abusing offensive words are not. Few exceptions which I have to allow them.
#8   Complaining about Kuwaitism, Studyism, Kuwaiti Socialism is allowed.
#9   These rules applies to the BLOG ONLY!…

These are the nine rules I could come up with right now… I might improve them without notice (Though I’d prolly will notice)…

Anyone who wants to post here is welcome. I’d revise the first couple of posts the writer then set him\her\it free to post without revision (I’ll check every now’n’then and see if rules were violated)

Rules can be found up-to-date here

10 thoughts on “New blog rules

  1. What are you doing “Complaining about your life and things in Kuwait”? I thought this site was a geeky site. Man wake up you are ruining this site, it is true that its called Q8geeks but still you should mostly be talking about geeky stuff because this site is dedicated to KUWAIT GEEKISM.

    Please let people know that Kuwait Geeks are not only the ones who complains!

  2. I’d complain because of crap i face… could be technical crap like a hardware malfunction and how i dealt with it… or could be social issue like how common people would mix up between geeks and nerds, metal heads and goths\satanics, gays and fags =P

    q8geeks started as a project to gather geeks all together… but since i haven’t seen any interest and after few recommendations i decided to run a geek blog and talk about things i find out and kicking random and weird stuff… and now some friends are thinking of posting along with me…

    y’know, geekness doesn’t have to be just about technical stuff… i personally know politic geek, religion geek, sex geeks, photography geeks and the list goes on… geekism applies to whatever field a human being can participate in

    what I did was just modifying the rules since i’m getting some friends to post… which can be modified again later on ofcourse

    and geeks doesn’t usually complains… geeks usually puts efforts to fix what they’re trying to complain about…

    damn… that took a while to gather ideas and re-arrange ideas…

  3. “Anyone who wants to post here is welcome”?!
    You read my mind! Now this site is REALLY gonna rock!!!
    Finally, a real place for geeks to……. SEX GEEKS???

    one question though… How?

  4. easy… register for an account and let me know that you want to participate… i’ll change your role so you’d be able to post…

    I didn’t know you really wanted to do it… I’l just change your role right away if you want

  5. great! Hacking articles are allowed of course.. right?
    If I’m going to post it’ll probably be about linux, programming, hacking (the kind you can abuse, if okay), hardware, and pretty much anything in the range between resistors and POSIX (LINUX API).

  6. Hacking with Linux? I’m in !! as a Dark Knight its my duty to spread chaos and destruction in the cyber world

  7. Those rules are reasonable enough.

    When I started my blog I used to always post about geeky and nerdy stuff and that didn’t get me anywhere except in rare occasions where I’ve been contacted for help regarding geeky/nerdy issues. Then I started to throw some personal and non-geeky posts and that started to push my blog forward. It also helps to break the dull techie rhythm of the blog.

    One of the main downsides of my blog, as I have been told, is my template. However, I think what really matters is the content of the blog and not how it looks. The looks is a secondary issue of course, with ease navigation and well-contrasted colors… etc. Yet since mine is as simple and as standard as it can be I don’t think anyone including myself would want to change it into complicated spam-filled blog.

    Good luck with your blog and hope to see more of your techie, nerdy, geeky posts. At least that’s what revolves around my sphere of interest. 🙂

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