5 thoughts on “My poison…

  1. OH MAN! i so wanna see you after drinking this. Add to that RedBull and you’ve created a suicide recipe. PLZ ease up on that dude, cuz i like reading your blog 🙁 dont go die on me now!

  2. Anxious Nut:
    Fly? I wonder if you tried “Pretty Fly” for “The Offspring”

    Yes… I think “Khalid Al-Mulla” is complaining about the noise thinking it’s somekinda noisy party 😛

    Naa don’t worry about me… This shouldn’t effect me much (Though would make my friends and family suffer from my hyperness)…

    My ultimate suicide plan is: Chocolate + Coffee + Vanilla + Cookies + Ice Cream… Don’t question why… It’s just my plan 😛

  3. i remember having a 7 shot once when i pulled an all nighter, it kept me up and obscurely alive(alive as in fully functioning) for a fair amount of time just as i was buzzing off into helucinagolicoco land

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