My forum is down

I know this wouldn’t interest anyone… But I took my forum down…

I’ll be changing the forum software and upping the forum back freshly… Which means EVERYTHING was there will be deleted (though there wasn’t much)…

This time, I’ll be working on gathering some people over there…

Stay tuned

5 thoughts on “My forum is down

  1. Make sure you change the forums background color to any dark color.light colors hurt my eyes 😛

  2. Dear pirate,

    ever thought of turning this website into a forum for geeks? and geeky information about Kuwait !

    that’ll be totally cool

  3. Fencer Darkwind:
    Well yea… I’ll work on that

    I actually had a forum but with no activity… Thats why I’m turning things down for a while and renew it

    jealous? =P

    I’ll be upping things in a couple of days… So stay tuned

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