My Alienware MX 15 is ALIVE! I FIXED IT!

Ok here is the sad story. A year and half ago I got myself an Alienware MX15. The way I had it shipped here to Kuwait was simple. My older brother was in the US for visit and he managed to get me the device. However, because my bro was on a short trip he had to send the device to our Aramex mailing address so that it can be forwarded here to Kuwait.

Here is the problem. Upon arrival I examined my laptop and found a small crack on the bottom left hing of the laptop. I called Aramex regarding the issue and they said “No problem we’ll file an investigation on this matter.” Weeks and months have passed and no phone call and when I called back about the issue to them it never existed.

So I started using my laptop and it looked fine and there was nothing wrong but I kept on hearing squeaky noises and thought it was plastic design of that laptop casing that was making that noise. I was wrong.

Two weeks ago when I opened up my laptop it wouldn’t close and the metal part that’s holding screen was poking OUT!! I was shocked stunned and I couldn’t close my laptop! So I went back home and examined the notebook and it turns out that plastic drills where the screws are placed to hold the hing and the screen together is broken! 🙁

But I didn’t give up yet. When there is a will there is a way. Then it hit me. I need to recreate the drill holes or just that same spot again so I’ll be able to screw in the hing back the way it originally was. Took a drive down to ACE Hardware and I knew exactly what to look for. To recreate the plastic holes for the screws I needed EPOXY. Not just any EPOXY but one that would dry fast and would hold things together that even Chuck Norris could not break. Devcon EPOXY is the solution I needed.

I headed back home. Drew the shape of the hing that I needed to recreate and to make sure that screws are EXACTLY in place. One slight move or mistake its game over for me.

After working on the laptop for sometime I have officially succeeded!!! I am a freak’n genius! Check the video below for end results!!

6 thoughts on “My Alienware MX 15 is ALIVE! I FIXED IT!

  1. loooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!
    that was epic !!!!!! and the video was JUST PURE EPIC !

    awesome job !!!!!

  2. Nice work, i wanted to ask did you try contacting Dell about this, because i think they would replace it right away. And sometimes they would even pay for the shipping costs depending on the warranty you got with the laptop.

  3. Thanks guys! 😀

    Eggmaster, I actually thought about it however there are two problems. The warrenty that I have is not by Dell but from Alienware itself. This is the previous model of the MX15 there are two versions. 1 that’s metallic shell and 1 that’s plastic. So during the time I got Dell was not involved up until recently.

    The second thing is my warranty from Alienware is US based and it is expired. Either way sending it to Alienware with or without warranty is going to cost me an arm and a leg so I just took matters into my own hands. I was really close to taking it to Hawally and I know of an Indian guy there who actually does this kind of work. I asked him how much he will charge me for the work and he’s like “15 kd.” So I just went up to Ace Hardware and found the supplies I needed and patched things together.

    This is my first time opening up a laptop screen btw and I did it on an Alienware. I never thought it would be that easy to fix a screen. Next time if I have a damaged screen on my future laptop I’ll just buy the parts off a spare part store and do the work myself.

    Seriously why the hell do companies charge half the price for fixing a damaged screen on a laptop? They know it’s simple.

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