Morocco hackers make us proud

So I really hate it when people do stupid things just to piss off a certain group of people. I wont go into details, but the long story short is that a company in Spain opened a night club designed as a mosque, and they called it Mecca Disco.
mecca disco hacked

I am sure every person hearing this got mad and enraged, but some Moroccan hackers decided to do more and use their skills to take action in letting the people behind this know how we feel. I really appreciate how they were very “diplomatic” and “civilized” in stating their opinions. Kinda helps spreading that we are infact educated civilized people rather than the orcish savages that usually go for things like : DIE , BURN IN HELL , I WILL FIND YOU KILL YOU AND EAT YOUR BABIES , etc…
mecca 2

Read more about it : here

3 thoughts on “Morocco hackers make us proud

  1. Great job guys!

    I don’t know about you guys, but this made me realize how incompetent I am (as it should). we should have helped instead of watching from the side lines…

  2. I actually wanted to say this, but i didnt wanna include it in the post, and rather waited to see if anyone would get where i was going 😀

    So yea, just as u said sig, it seriously pisses me off when we just sit back and say damn them and trash talk them without trying to do anything.

    I got one more point I really wanna get out, but I dun wanna go against looly’s rules of no religious posts…

  3. that’s a Good Job gays and if we don’t Stop this Fucking Crazy we will never Stop hacking that’s what we know Do it we not want Someone touch our religion we will die For this

    the Admin HaCkers TeaM

    Godbless every muslim

    Hacking it’s our Works

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