Moon pix.

Well, it’s been a while since I last time wrote anything about my pictures…

Anyways, I was messing around with my camera and trying to learn how to snap proper shots of the moon… I still didn’t grasp the hang of it so things took some weird twist…

Who am I to decide anyways… I’ll leave the pix and judge yourself (I would appreciate it if guests would leave some feedback)

Full Moon

Half Moon


Check my Flickr Page or My Gallery for more pictures…

4 thoughts on “Moon pix.

  1. WOW! Geek, I think your moon shots are AWESOME. I have tried many many times to get a good moon shot – it is hard! Yours have a cold architectural quality, all that black and white. They are really good. Honestly, if you could see my efforts (you never will!) you would know how good yours are.

  2. they’re so pixelized as a result of killing some brightness to show the blackness >.>

    yet appreciate that comment… it really means alot to me n_n

  3. No offense but ..the hell with the mooon ….your LOGO ! it has changed it is cool .Whoever came up with it has earned my respect..for EVER! …Awesome!
    i say next time take Sun snaps ..sun is cool . I likes 😉

  4. I admit it ether ur camera is super awesome or ur really a pro….I mean the moon is way far away from us to have picture that close to it….these pictures r fantastic.

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