[Migrated from Loolykinns] A story from FASTtelco’s era: The internet is slow #2

This is a really unique call. I’ve only encountered this type once!

A customer called complaining that his internet is really slow and has low signal. Here’s how the funny part goes:
Me: Alright sir, what are the wireless networks available?
Customer: This, this, this, Qnet and FASTtelco.
Me: Alright, which one has the best signal strength?
Customer: FASTtelco, but I’m connected to Qnet.
*Me facepalming as usual*
Me: Sir, that isn’t your network, yours is FASTtelco. I checked your router and your wireless network name is FASTtelco not Qnet.
Customer: But I always connect using Qnet network!
Me: Then apparently, you’ve been using the neighbor’s wireless network for the longest time!
Customer: وانا اقووووووووووووول ليش بطيئ عندي No wonder it’s slow!
Me: Alright, let’s connect to FASTtelco and check the speed.
*Customer explained that his download speed was 64KBps (512Kbps), and after downloading now, he’s getting 2Mbps*
Customer:يعني الحين بتقولي طول الوقت ماستخدمت النت عندي؟ You’re telling me that I haven’t been using my connection the whole time?
Me: الظاهر جذي السالفة وانت شايف سرعتك واصلة Seems like it?
Customer: إييي والله هذي سرعتي؟ انت وينك من زمان ليش ما قلت لي من قبل Boy! Is it really my speed? Where have you been? Why didn’t you tell me before?
Me: ناطرك تدق Waiting for you to call
Customer: شنو!؟ What!?
*laughter and hung up*

I usually joke around with customers. But sometimes I don’t (After spending few minutes with the customer and knowing if he’s funnable or not) because the customer would either not get my joke, or take it seriously and cause a chaos.

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