Microsoft SecondLight (AKA Surface 2.0): What you see might not be what you get!!

If you think Surface is too much to handle, you’ll go breathless when you check this out (That’s what happened to me, couldn’t breath for 3 seconds [Was drinking coffee anyways 😛 ])…

According to what I read, SecondLight has dual-projection devices in the surface that can show hidden contents inside other contents…

To make it abit simple, you can show hidden images\text inside an image when you place transparent paper (Tracing paper at the very least)…

Here’s some YouTube video that might show something:

Click here to read the PC AUTHORITY post.

9 thoughts on “Microsoft SecondLight (AKA Surface 2.0): What you see might not be what you get!!

  1. faisal:
    Well, yea… Microsoft recently is finally doing a great job

    Umm, is there anything wrong with concepts and new approaches to manipulating computers and original new ideas?

    Atleast they’re doing something totally new man… Nothing wrong with that…

  2. no, there is nothing wrong with new concepts. just its presented application.
    lets be honest here, if you wanted to see whats behind a window or an image, wouldn’t it be much easer to move the obstacle (by using your hand) or at least set it at half opacity then running around searching for transparent/tracing paper. or keeping a folded piece of tracing paper “just in case” you need to remove obstacles on “SecondLight” if you ever come across one. it’s just ridicules.

    you (being the microsoft fan you are) wouldn’t agree, now would you? 😉

  3. There’s a big difference between “moving the obstacle to see what’s under it” and “placing a tracing paper to see what’s hidden inside that picture (or as you referred to it as an ‘obstacle’) and what’s encoded inside it…

    The key words are “hidden inside” and “cover under”… Totally different

    I think I used “under” in the wrong place… I fixed to “inside” and bolded it so you can notice the mistache I made (Yes, mistache)… You should’ve read the link I provided (Or atleast the paragraph under the first picture)…

  4. never the less, your focusing on the wrong thing, luke.

    even if the text is encoded “inside” the image, that wouldn’t solve the problem. you still need tracing/transparent paper for a feature you would you once, maybe twice a week (and that’s pushing it).
    that my friend is a corny gimmick.

    ps: i take saying it’s cool back. it’s a corny gimmick that looks good.

  5. gimmick? oh grow up… it’s just A single feature of a concept that has other countless features…

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