Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard… Woah!

Alright, Microsoft prototyped this awesome Adaptive Keyboard and if it hits the market, it’ll be crazy!

Basically, a keyboard on a screen which displays wicked stuff on the buttons… As in, the buttons can change the way you like and… y’know what? Just check the video below.


5 thoughts on “Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard… Woah!

  1. WOW! Microsoft is actually doing its homework to compete with today technology. I love it! I swear Microsoft would’ve gained a lot of it customers if it wasn’t for their Vista OS. Good thing they have the Xbox 360 to back them up. But now with Windows 7 and the stuff they’re doing my I think my mind is going to change from negative to positive thoughts about Microsoft. Who knows they might even start producing their own product line rather than software.

  2. Anxious Nut:
    If it exists, someone will write a driver for it. Linux fact


    They’re catching up… RUN!!!

    Not that much of an interaction if you memories applications and which button interacts with each application.

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