Messing with colors

Well, it’s been a while since I last time kicked in pictures in here…

Anyways, I was messing with the colors in my latest pictures today and things evolved to this:

Evil Car...

Sea Drifting 10

Spider on rock

Ofcourse, the last one isn’t really related to color messing… But I couldn’t help adding this little fellow 😛

Anyways, I’ve taken more pictures today, so in case you’re interested, you can check’em up in my Flickr Page.

If you think snapping pictures in Kuwait is hard, it’s not… All you have to do is ask them… I’ve never been rejected so far (Though you gotta know who to choose)

One thought on “Messing with colors

  1. the first picture is remarkable it’s very nice photo and If I’m not mistaken I think that car is ur lancer EX,right?
    the second picture is also cool the one with the mwyel bl6rad thingy Is he a friend of ur or u just snapped that shoot.
    the third pictures micro rocks for a basically digital camera and even for a DSLR.

    I wander If ur the alien who can’t sleep so he drive all the way to some weird places and snap out the great images out of the places.

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