Me vs Audi TT 2008

Just by looking at the title, you’d think I’m going all out beating up an Audi TT 2008, right?
Well, I am insane and all, but in another way. I clicked some nice shots of it.

A friend of mine told me that his friend wants to sell his Audi TT 2088 for ~8000KD (~29,165 USD) and said if I want to click photos of it.
And I haven’t gone all out with my beloved Rokinon and SIGMA lenses, so I thought of doing that as well.

Not gonna bore you with what happened, so I’m just going to tell you what I used, learned and share the pictures here:

Sony SLT a55
Rokinon FE8M-S 8mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens for Sony Alpha (Black)
Sigma AF Zoom 150-500mm F5~ 6.3 APO DG OS Optical Stabilizer For SONY Digital SLR cameras

What I’ve learned:
1) Photoshop content awareness doesn’t ALWAYS detect\remove shadows.
2) Never keep your camera in the car. Specially in Kuwait. I had overheating issues -_-;
3) 150-500mm is more enjoyable than I thought!
4) Apparently, the Rokinon fisheye lens is ONLY good at day; and sort of crappy at night.

Audi TT vs Rokinon FE8M-S 8mm F3.5 - 1
Audi TT vs Rokinon FE8M-S 8mm F3.5 - 2
Audi TT vs Rokinon FE8M-S 8mm F3.5 - 3
Audi TT vs Sigma AF Zoom 150-500mm - 1
Audi TT vs Sigma AF Zoom 150-500mm - 2
Audi TT vs Sigma AF Zoom 150-500mm - 3
Audi TT vs Sigma AF Zoom 150-500mm - 4

Note: I also would like to announce that I won’t be talking tech-news and discuss them. I’ll be publishing whatever I do or find interesting (Which explains why the blog have been so slow lately; lack of time and contributors)

5 thoughts on “Me vs Audi TT 2008

  1. I was hoping for an assessment of your A55, but it’s not really necessary since the A77 is just beyond the horizon ( and my god it’s awsome!).

  2. While it lasted, SIGTERMer? You mean the heads on the Audi personally? 😛

    Thanks Mathai, the museum is somewhere around Sharq Mall. Here’s the Geotag: 29.384517, 47.983334

    Siesto, I only bought a55 as a remedy because a300 isn’t usable anymore (At least to my needs; 3fps is a joke) and waiting for a77. I really hope they figure out the sensor overheating thing. (Although I wonder if I can get a Canon 550D to compare :P)

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