May 18th… Kojima’s announcement (UPDATED x2)

Well, I literally hope they don’t release MGS4 on XBOX360… Or he will make kitteh sad 🙁

As shown in the link above, Kojima will announce some crazy stuff in that date…

Here’s what I really hope for:
1) MGS4 on XBOX360 which, due to hardware limitation, it goes crappy (To show the difference between PS3 and XBOX360… Yes, I’m a PS3 fanboy)
2) MGS5 on PS3 and XBOX360 with graphic differences
4) A totally new game that they pull out of their asses which, for some reason, becomes AWESOME!!

Ofcourse, if MGS4 came on XBOX360, things in here will go nuts… Specially since we have ALOT of XBOX360 users that assumes XBOX360 is waay better… Then they end up in Rihab to fix their RRoDed consoles 😛


If you visit the teaser page below (2nd link), you’ll see some rainy scene with lightning…

Wait for the thunder\lightning to strike, and you’ll see these 4 letters: “S”, “3”, “e” and “E”…

Does that give any clue?


You can see Big Boss and Raiden’s faces when a thunder strikes… That, and the following letters\numbers:
“6”, “3”, “O and\or 0 (Zero)”, “S and\or 5”, “e”, “E”, “P”, “R” and “C”

I still can’t think of anything other than MGS5… But Why Big boss and Raiden? They can’t be in the same time since Raiden is new and Big Boss dies in the end of MGS4 (I think)… Or could it be Solidus not Big Boss…

Click here to read the GameSpot post and check their prediction(s)

Click here to visit the teaser page.

10 thoughts on “May 18th… Kojima’s announcement (UPDATED x2)

  1. Belated happy 47th birthday =D 😛

    Just kidding… I know you’re 46 😛 (God I’m just lame :P)…

    Belated happy birthday… Assumingly it’s 28th, I think…

  2. well lots of them died and got back to life again , and big boss died once before and then got back to life , so he might get back to life again ! xD .
    and didn’t they remove that ninja suit from raiden last time ??
    and i’m still confused , when will they make the announcement ?? it’s past may,18th now , and yesterday it was like 199 hours ? 😀
    i want MGS5 !!
    thanks dude !

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