Major Do-Over

I’m planning on shaking my website abit since the design sucks and all…

So here’s what I thought of doing:
* Re-design Engilazy, Tutorials, Downloads and home page since the design sucks
* Close Engilazy to look for more resources, materials and find better scripts
* Close Gallery to look for a better script for it
* Close the Tutorial Page since I have to redo everything there
* Change the logo
* Change the website’s theme from Blue’n’Black to White’n’others
* Review the website’s approach and goal(s) since alot have happend and things have literally changed

I’m sure most of readers aren’t interested, but I’ll be honored if someone could provide me some design aid since I suck as an artist (SIGTERMer and Anxious Nut should stay away from this, I honestly appreciate what you were trying to do by redesigning the logo but it’s so wrong 😛 )…

And as a starter

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