MacRumors keynote coverage got hacked!?

This is REALLY funny!!

According to CNET, MacRumors’ website turned shut by probably a hacker as a prank or by MacRumors guys to keep things under control.

No one really knows who did it, but fingers are pointed at ***** (I’d violate rule #1 and rule #2), Myg0t and Ebaumsworld…

I don’t know if MacRumors’ servers are Mac-based (High probability), Linux-based (Decent probability) or even Windows-based (I doubt), but ironically, it got preached whether it was a system vulnerability or a user-based error…

Hehehe… I laughed when I read “STEVE JOBS JUST DIED :”… I can imagine people fainting just by reading that :P…

Click here to read the CNET post.
Click here to read the Wikipedia article about the incident.

4 thoughts on “MacRumors keynote coverage got hacked!?

  1. there was this speech he gave, like even b4 i was born, back in 1984, he was so cute, talking with passion about his dreams, loved his hair, i want that version of nerdy geeky with that looking steve back *sniffles*

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