MacBook Wheel My ASS!!!

I don’t know if I should hate Mac for this crappy wheel or just hate Mac for this crappy wheel crap!!

I seriously hate such useless inventions and concepts…

Think about it; it takes atleast 28 step to move from “Z” to “P” in that wheel thingy (Not counting numbers and other buttons) which, lets say, takes 3 seconds while you can use your left pinky to press “Z” and the right pinky to press “P”. That would take less than a second!! (Ofcourse it’ll take  more than 10 seconds if you totally DONT KNOW HOW TO USE A KEYBOARD!!!

45 minutes to send an email? 45 minutes? A boring college class doesn’t take that long…

And it costs

It MIGHT be a good thing for browsing, maybe searching, playing and stuff. BUT TOTALLY NOT AS A KEYBOARD SUBSTITUTE !!!

Here’s what I think proves most Mac user’s blind idiotic stupidity:
*   “I’ll buy almost anything if it’s shiny and made by Apple”
*   “I never really realized how nuch I hated keybroads untill I saw this thing.”
*   The guy who stood for 45 minutes writing an email (Get a life!)
*   The 8 GB of that piece of crap worth $2,599 and the 40GB worth $9,960

Too much to laugh about… But the two quotes there are REALLY idiotic and proves nothing but the user’s stupidity!!

And I’m sure it’ll be a BIG BIG BIG hit here in Kuwait just because it’s a new thing from Apple -_-;

No thank you… You keep your huge useless button for you to struggle writing an email for 5 minutes (Saying you’re a fast circle scratcher like a DJ)… I’ll keep using my normal keyboard to write an email in less than 1 minute… Then use the 4 minutes left to do something else (Maybe pick my nose)

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4 thoughts on “MacBook Wheel My ASS!!!

  1. dude! it’s a joke.. as in NOT REAL!
    come on, seriously! who would buy a laptop that lasts “a full 19 min. when charged”!
    it’s albet early for april, don’t you think?

  2. i wanted to warn you, but yeah..
    you shouldn’t believe things on the internet that easily 😛

    anybody read the ticker at the bottom?

    “Study finds Horseback riding just an expensive form of sitting”

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