MAC vs PC… Match 1 (CNET)

I’ve always been a MAC hater… I hate it with passion… And I hate people and the stereotypes who think that MAC is better than PC (and mostly make it sound like x827364928374 better than PC)…

I respect MAC… I really do. For an OS thats running on such lower-performance hardware (if we compared by numbers since they’re all running on Intel) doing whatever its doing.

So decided to look for benchmarks and tests that others made over the MAC vs PC debate (considering Windows XP\Vista is running on PC… not Linux neither any other OS) so people would shut up after reading few of my posts about this… And to be honest; If things turned out that MAC is better than PC considering various factors, I’ll switch to MAC and start flaming PC myself!!!

So I’m starting with CNET… A trustful resource… Though they didn’t bring up the security measurements since they both suck in security (Yes… MAC got owned in 2 minutes flat… google it and read about it… I’ll get to it later on)…

Here’s CNET’s Link… Read it for further details

According to CNET’s fight, they brought MacBook Pro against Acer TravelMate 8200.
From the laptops they matched up I went like “Oh SHIT! PC is getting pwnz0rd!” because Acer sucks (well maybe from where I’m from… Their gaming PC is amazing)…

Round 1- Prettiness:

I can’t deny that Mac looks pretty and neat… Its what makes people think MAC is better than any other PC… So a round goes for MAC

Round 2 – Screen Prettiness:

Even though they’re running on the same screen size, MAC ruled… I gave up on Acer at this point yet thought of giving it up till the end and blame things on CNET for choosing Acer (They should’ve gone for Asus or Dell)

Round 3 – Features:

Apple prides itself on its products’ audiovisual capabilities (remember the “digital lifestyle hub“?). But the MacBook Pro includes the bare minimum of A/V features: a microphone and some pretty good speakers, DVI and VGA signal connections (the latter via an included adapter), one four-pin FireWire port, and only two USB 2.0 ports for connecting to external peripherals, such as a camera or a mouse. The TravelMate 8200 easily trumps the MacBook Pro with all of that plus an S-Video output, S/PDIF, and two additional USB 2.0 ports. And while both laptops include a built-in Webcam above their displays, the TravelMate 8200’s camera can rotate 225 degrees, letting you snap shots in front of, above, or behind the laptop. Advantage: Acer.


If you have lots of MP3s or digital video, storage capacity matters, and the TravelMate 8200 provides an extra 20GB of storage space compared to our MacBook Pro test configuration. (It costs an additional $100 to upgrade the Apple’s hard drive to match the Acer’s.) While both laptops are equipped with DVD burners and ExpressCard slots, the TravelMate 8200 accommodates some additional critical expansion features, including a more traditional Type II PC Card slot, a smart card reader, and a 5-in-1 flash media card reader that recognizes MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, and xD formats. Advantage: Acer.

Acer is kicking the butt right now… 20GB difference isn’t much and MAC offers an upgrade to match things up… But $100 for 20GB? THATS THE DIFFERENCE!!

Round 4 – Performance (What I’m really looking forward for):

And since CNET is doing the fight, they KNOW what they’re doing… After all they’re a trustful computer resource…

The TravelMate 8200 smoked the MacBook Pro, pushing nearly twice as many frames per second as its competitor. We were able to salvage some of the MacBook Pro’s dignity, though, by using Boot Camp to run the benchmark on Windows XP. Though it was still no match for the Acer, the MacBook Pro running Windows turned in a more respectable 21.6 frames per second. The bottom line: Though PCs remain best for gaming, Boot Camp bridges the gap considerably.

I am surprised myself… Even your MAC couldn’t get faster Windows XP ON YOUR OWN SYSTEM!!!… It’s like, WE PWNZ0RDED YOU ON YOUR OWN SYSTEM!!!… Isn’t Windows XP a system that’s MEANT to be installed on PC? Your Boot Camp’s Windows XP is running close to our typical PC’s Windows XP yet MAC is OUT OF THE RACE (Cept for Cinebench… Well good for you MAC users)…

Round 5 – Battery Life:

Acer lasts 8 minutes longer than MAC… It’s a close call… Yet 8 minutes can mean something when your battery dies before shutting down…

Round 6 – Bundled Softwares:

Well Mac wins in here. They slip some good softwares and in greater amount in MacBook Pro more than Acer..

Round 7 – Warranty and Support:

They both suck! =P

Round 8 (Final Round) – PRICE (Another thing I’m looking forward to):


What we learn from this fight:
*   MAC is just fancy
*   Acer is better than what I thought… Yet it still sucks
*   Acer kicked MAC’s butt… So imagine if they brought up Alienware or Asus in the fight?
*   OUR Windows XP in YOUR MacBook KICKS YOUR OWN MAC OSX … Its just like saying (We know your own system better than you!)
*   Its a somekinda outdated fight… 2 Years old… MAC improves… SO DOES PC
*   They were using Windows XP… Not Linux… Linux is a total different case…

I enjoyed this fight… But this isn’t the only fight hopefully… I’ll bring more… If anyone got a link and wants to drag something in this fight please contact me and I’ll be glad to add (Please use a trustworthy resource… CNET for example or any similar thing)

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