Mac OSX is getting trojaned!?

Someone actually care about writing trojans for Mac OSX… Finally 😛

Symantec, SecuriTeam, Trend Micro and Sophos released their detection thingy for OSX.Lamzev.A (Sophos named it Troj/RKOSX-A)…

Things might not be risky right now… But thats the first door knock on OSX’s security… I’m sure more will follow… Becareful Mac OSX users… Soon you’ll be as much targeted as Windows…

Here’s the Sophos Link.

3 thoughts on “Mac OSX is getting trojaned!?

  1. honestly.. [i would continue but i was told that i am too biased, so i wont]

    but seriously, what would the writer gain from writing Trojans for mac.. he has a much easer target with a larger chance of causing havoc.

    my only guess is that he’s more familiar with OSX’s system API, or he found a nice hole to wiggle into, or he just had way too much time on his hand and decided to do something bad instead of being useful

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