LOST will probably be the most remembered infamous TV series in history of television shows. Because it never failed to annoy the shit out of the audience in wanting to know more. Like this LOST Fan for example.

LOST Fan: “What’s going to happen next?! Da hell is that black smoke?! Benjimin is the devil?!!!
Terry Bogard: “GET SERIOUS!!!”

So tonight god willing (inshalla) all the questions that we have been pondering for the longest freak’n ARRrrrrgh!! I don’t know when because I am lost in the series myself! Coincidence? I think NOT! The producers wants it so! I’m glad that tonight will be the final episode for LOST and good riddance too.

However, I hate to break this but according to the LOST producers they said that we will not learn the name of the Man in Black or the identity of the people that shot the outrigger in season five. I can relate to that because part of what makes LOST a really good TV series is it allows the viewer to untangle the clues and riddles of the island’s mystery.

6 thoughts on “LOST Final Episode TONIGHT! FINALLY!!

  1. I stoped at the end of season 3…now that i know that they stopped then I might finish it

  2. does that mean that we will never ever see any lost fan boy endlessly talking about something that happened


  3. OH YES!! ABSO-FUCKINGLOTLY Dude!! I hate it when a freak’n fan boy does that to me as they don’t know where I am in the series and would just spoil everything! Sometimes I would love to Razor’s edge those guys.

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