Lookie what I found… APPLE II!!!

Dad had that Apple computer for decades!! I can’t even believe they’re fully functional!!!

Here’s 2 pictures I took…

Such antiques!!! And as you can see, it uses the old big floppies… And the monitor is greenish!!!

I’ll try to give it a run… I’m sure dad still has the floppies required to run this old junk… I’ll see if I could take pictures while its running…

If you’re planning on buying this antique, lemme know and provide a price that would let my dad give away his old treasure =P
Just kidding… There’s no way he’d let go of it… >_<;

*   It’s even older than me!!! Here’s the Wikipedia related link.
*   Thanks Mojojojo for correcting me… I think you’re right… Apple IIe not IIc… Why don’t they write more clearer “e” letter? >_<

12 thoughts on “Lookie what I found… APPLE II!!!

  1. O’ is that a built in keyboard i seee
    naah nevermind geekman i say keep this for one day u can give it to ur son and so to his son and his son to the older son where u will watch this passing of apple 2 c in heaven…. that would be a nice idea but i dont think it would work it would be great but i dont think so

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