LOL @ Comcast

Engadget always draw a smile on my face (if not a huge stupid wide open laugh)… But seems there’s another rival now… Wired!!

As I’m checking, I saw this post about being hijacked by some hackers due to hatred… I don’t know why people at U.S hates Comcast but as those hackers justified their reason “I’m tired of their shitty service.” said EBK…

I’m sure they’re much better than our ISPs in here.

So it made me think, Why don’t our hackers do the same with out ISPs?? Y’know, even if they got caught, Vitamine “W” will bail’em out hopefully and get hired somewhere decent…

Our ISPs sucks.
* Qualitynet’s customer support and sales services sucks, I once had to hold on the phone for an HOUR just to know their DSL prices (yes… DSL… bohohoo) and they couldn’t help me out!!
* FastTelco might be a good ISP but COST LIKE CRAZY!!!!!… I’ve tried’em as a corporate client (my dad got something from’em long time ago) they were good in customer support but their prices were reaching the roof!!
* UnitedNetworks is another story; they have great prices for home users, less reasonable prices for corporates and THEY SUCK WITH A STRAW WHEN IT GETS TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!… Y’know, back when I used to hang at my dad’s office, we got 32 dedicated IP Addresses… And whenever something goes wrong they blame my IP Address for generating traffic even though my computer is PHYSICALLY disconnected and the IP Address that it holds is not active!!! Like what the hell? You’re our Tech Support, you’re more like reading a scriptious instructions or something that has “BLAME THAT GUY FIRST”!!
* KEMS isn’t that good as well. Ok their prices are crazingly amazing when it gets to corporates. Stable and reliable internet connectivity. Decently good for home users (Cept for S.Surra… They shouldn’t go that high)… Their customer support is kinda similar to UnitedNetworks. But they only act like that if the person talking to them isn’t a tech guy…  But I gotta hand it to them; When they face a problem from their side, they give you more little details about the problem. Even if it was from the customer side, they give you little more details on whats going on and probable reasons of whats happening and ways to solve stuff…

My Ideal ISP is the following:
Mixing UnitedNetwork’s home users prices with FastTelco’s and KEMS’ Customer and Tech support along with KEMS’ reliable connection…

They all suck!! Someone should strike’em so they’d know that we hate’em with passion! =P

Anyways here’s the Wired link related to that Comcast incident

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