Laying a script kiddie trap: ALL IP ADDRESSES IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!

Well, I’m bored… So I thought of doing so… I just wrote an IP Address list generator… It generates IP Addresses from to

Click here to download it…

I know this is useless, but it’s a trap to catch the skiddies 😛

7 thoughts on “Laying a script kiddie trap: ALL IP ADDRESSES IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!

  1. just as i though, you know I like it when we make useless programs! We might feel happy a bit but others just don’t appreciate it. I like this!


    Just downloaded it, but
    Program.EXE=true &
    … source code?

  2. we do appreciate it but we don’t use it…there is a deference……u can’t determine wheather we appreciate it or not just by our uses to it……it is possible for u to not understand what I’ve just said….I’m kinda sleepy.

  3. Anxious Nut:
    Source code will be revealed later on… It’s your own issue for not using Windows on it 😛

    Bored at work…

    Long Hair Dude:
    And I’m kinda hungry… Which is why I’m eating Caramel Waffles in work 😛

  4. i actully did something like this for “shabakat” at CTS. remember when he gave use that homework assignment to write down an IP range? i did it in C (good for me)

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