Laptop Universal Power Supply!? FINALLY… Kinda…

Y’see, manufacturers FINALLY standardized mobiles to use USB cables for both data transfer and charging. And now, it’s Laptops turn.

Here in Kuwait, if you damaged your laptop’s charger, you can either buy one from the authorized reseller for 15KD (~$51) ~ 25KD (~$86), buy a from Hawalli (Hawalli is Kuwait’s Silicon Valley 😛 ) rip-off one for 8KD (~$27) ~ 12KD (~$41) or just buy of those annoying unbranded chargers (That I think they’re made in a hidden warehouse by enslaved people who are threatened by holding their family) for cheap where you’d waste a minute or two just to identify the plug type and power values.

And it’s such a pain when you hang with your friends, they all have their laptops and their chargers and you forgot yours and your battery is almost dead; You can’t just ask anyone to charge your laptop unless they have the exact same type and probably model.

I just hope they get through with this and standardize things and manufacturers actually starts following.


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