I was linked to this video from a friend and I have a feeling that this video is going to be the next “Rick Roll” mem on the net. He’s a famous Russian singer from the 60’s. Don’t know his name. But if you were to see the video and listen to the song you’d probably understand how I feel. I’m practically cracking up especially from 1:47 and onwards of the video. I had to stop it otherwise I’d faint. This would probably make a bloody LOL e-mail to send your colleagues at work. Speaking of LOL. I think that’s what he is saying throughout the whole song!!! Oh and for some reason the look on his face creeps me out. Looks like PEdo bear.

5 thoughts on “LALALALA!!!!

  1. I just saw this on RayWilliamJohnson’s channel and DAYMN this singer is annoying!
    especially the laugh omg !

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