Kuwait’s iTunes Apps are CRACKED

While I was browsing the Apptracker page today out of blue I saw the Kuwait Radio app on the first page of Apptracker. I know for a sure fact that the Radio Kuwait app is not for free but a paid app at the iTunes store. So I wondered if other famous iPhone application in Kuwait did get cracked. The first thing that came to my mind is the famous iKout app game on the iPhone that was developed by a group of Kuwaiti people from Diwaniya Labs. Guess what, the iKout app is also cracked along with many other famous Middle East apps on the Apptracker pages. Below are some of the paid apps I found on Apptracker that are cracked.

3 thoughts on “Kuwait’s iTunes Apps are CRACKED

  1. True. It was only a matter of time! A lot of pirated apps have been surfacing lately due to the increase of applications that allow you to crack iphone apps so easily.

  2. What surprises me most is that the crack scene has reached Kuwait. I never expected for Middle East applications from the iTunes store to be cracked so soon.

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