Kuwait Rally 2011 [Friday, March, 11th]

Took these pictures of Today’s Kuwait Rally in the early morning. (Sorry, Friday not Saturday)

Today I felt so ashamed because I walked in with 200mm lens while the other photographers has at least 400mm special lenses >_< Anyway, I was able to cook 7 hot shots of 80something... Hope you liek =D Kuwait Rally 2011 1

Kuwait Rally 2011 2

Kuwait Rally 2011 3

Kuwait Rally 2011 4

Kuwait Rally 2011 5

Kuwait Rally 2011 6

Kuwait Rally 2011 7

8 thoughts on “Kuwait Rally 2011 [Friday, March, 11th]

  1. Lovely shots. I saw those huge lenses too 🙂 Perfect day for photography and nice to see so many out there. I love how you managed to get some trees in the shots and the jumps are perfect Will post a couple from today’s first race tomorrow inshallah.

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