Kuwait Open Minded People group in Facebook…

OK, this IS a joke…

bdsm_6@hotmail.com!? Are you sure we’re talking about Open minded people? Or is it “Kinky horny desperate people of Kuwait looking for other kinky horny desperate people to have kinky horny desperate time”? 😛

Atleast use a BETTER email address… BDSM!?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in open minds (But not too open that your mind would fall off)… But atleast use a proper email that’s relevant to the group… That, or change the name to BDSM of Kuwait!!!

6 thoughts on “Kuwait Open Minded People group in Facebook…

  1. Anxious Nut:
    I don’t know whether to think you’re open minded or kinky 😛

    Atleast they’re trying 😛

    Curiosity killed the elephant… Beware

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