Kuwait Local Rally in Friday, December 12th, 2009

Well, this event was so sudden for me because I was informed a night before… So I wasn’t physically neither mentally prepared…

I dragged darkwolf80s along with me for the sake of it… It’s always good to have some company…

Things were fast, and I was dead tired’n’beat that I thought I’m going to miss it (Hopefully I didn’t)… So here’s some serious notes I’d like to share so you won’t fall for mistakes I’ve fallen in:
1) NEVER go there when you lack sleep, caffeine and food… Not going there is much better than going there and bailing out half of the event!
2) ALWAYS take atleast one lap around the track so you could atleast point your favorite spot to park and snap photos off… Due to that, I missed ALOT of good spots where I could’ve taken fun pictures!
3) ALWAYS refuel your car… You don’t want to bail outta rounds, look for a gas station then go “Aaaah fuck it, I’m going home”!
4) Bring a bottle of water with you at the spot… Being thirsty is a mean bitch!

Well, time to share pictures… Please visit my Flickr page to see the whole set… These below are my favorite 4 out of 10 pictures I’ve filtered out of 127 pictures (Most of’em are repeated, out of focus and rubbish)

Kuwait Local Rally 04

Kuwait Local Rally 06

Kuwait Local Rally 09

Kuwait Local Rally 10

And people say “Kuwait is boring” and “There’s nothing to do in Kuwait”… Well, there is, but you need to find some…

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