Kuwait Cops aren’t that bad after all

Well I went to Dunkin’ Donuts (Yes… I had to… I’m broke!!) so I parked right infront of BMW shop (Where buses are supposed to stop… the White’n’Blue colored ra9eef thingy) and got in Dunkin’ Donuts around 14:30…

Got out around 17:00 and a cop gave me a ticket. Well, It’s not a No-Parking zone but I admit its wrong to park where buses supposed to stop.

I talked to the cop as in “Am I too late?” he replied “Yes… Already wrote you a ticket”… So yea I felt bad…

Then he added “I gave you a No-Parking ticket… cost ya 5KD… Felt bad giving you a Parked-In-Bus-Stop ticket which would cost you 10KD…”

I’m glad he didn’t… I’m already broke (got exactly 1/4KD in my wallet and 50fils)… Well… Kuwaiti cops aren’t that bad after all (few exceptions ofcourse)

2 thoughts on “Kuwait Cops aren’t that bad after all

  1. yea some of are actually good, some of them are douch-bagey .. depends on when you see em
    i mean il 7amdella he didnt lock your wheels because he was in a weird mood >.>

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