Kuwait Blogs App with a fun twist :D

Alright, I’ve been out the scene for a while. Been occupied with many things and writing this new app (Or apps) is one of whats occupying me: Kuwait Blogs app!

I know its been done many times before, but thought of writing a new one with a little fun twist for the following reasons:
* There’s no Windows Phone app for it.
* There’s no good app for Android.
* Most (If not all of those few ones) have limited amount of blogs and they’d update the whole app if they’re going to add new ones.

I’ve included an initial shape of WP7 app (And hopefully will be on WP8). Android and iOS are on the works too! 😀

If you want to add your blog, please drop a comment and I’ll be happy to add it after contacting you of course 😀

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