Kinect SDK!?

Give yourself some time YouTUBing Kinect hacks… Once you do, you’ll understand would this mean.

According to source, Microsoft have been planning to release the SDK all along. But they prioritized releasing the kit before the SDK.

So yea… No need to customize some sort of Kinect driver, Microsoft is making one for you (And using Visual Studio 2010, I know how easy and fast things will be to publish something utilizing Kinect).
Though I don’t know about Linux support…


5 thoughts on “Kinect SDK!?

    1. The theme’s not bad but no pictures and videos or any visuals is a serious turn off.

      I am sure you’ll get back on track.

      Why don’t you just use your old theme?

  1. Though I don’t know about Linux support…

    lol, linux already supports kenect (it supported kenect the moment the driver was released), and you’re not forced to use microsoft’s apis ether.

    1. By Linux support, I meant Microsoft kicking out their own SDK for Linux.

      I know Linux already supports Kinect and we’re not forced to use Microsoft’s (Duuh), but we can safely assume no one knows about Kinect better than those who made it; unicorns xD

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