Kids grow so fast, but I don’t… I’m 24

Well, Today (According to my time zone which is GMT+3) is my 24th birthday…

I take a step back and think “WTF!? WHEN DID I REACH 24!? THERE’S ALOT OF CRAP I MUST DO!!!”…

Well, time passed real fast… I can’t really believe I’m 24 years old…

Alot of things happened in the past 24 years; good and bad ones…

I just things would turn out to brighter things from now on =D

5 thoughts on “Kids grow so fast, but I don’t… I’m 24

  1. life is fast isn’t it? huh but I don’t think that one day I’ll woke up and say that “I have to do so many things” or something like that because when I finish school I’ll organize my life so that it won’t be complicated. insha2llah of course

  2. Intlxpatr:
    Thanks alot, I really appreciate it =D

    long hair dude:
    Good for you =D
    I’m bad at arranging things so you better work hard on arranging life.

    I need no present, yet 😛

  3. don’t worry loolykinns I’ll arrange it and even if I don’t know how I’ll learn how

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