Journey with Arch Linux: Day 4 – Installing softwares and fix sudo

Today we’ll install a bunch of softwares.

This post will talk about installing general use softwares (Browsers, email clients, Office Suites, and some special-purpose softwares (nmap, wireshark and so on).

So, lets start with general use softwares:
1) Firefox “pacman -S firefox” [Browser]
2) Thunderbird “pacman -S thunderbird” [Email client]
3) Filezilla “pacman -S filezilla” [FTP client]
4) netcat “pacman -S netcat” [Network tool]
5) nmap “pacman -S nmap” [Network tool]
6) Transmission “pacman -S transmission-qt” [Bittorrent client]
7) XChat “pacman -S xchat” [IRC client]
8) Goggles “pacman -S gogglesmm” [Audio player]
9) Videolan “pacman -S vlc” [Multimedia player]
10) Calibre “pacman -S calibre” [E-Book reader]
11) LibreOffice “pacman -S libreoffice” [Office suite]
* NOTE: It’ll ask several questions, go with defaults… Didn’t bother with custom stuff *
12) Etherape “pacman -S etherape” [Network tool]
13) IPtraf “pacman -S iptraf” [Network tool]
14) IPtables “pacman -S iptables” [Network tool]
15) Arpwatch “pacman -S arpwatch” [Network tool]
16) Tcpdump “pacman -S tcpdump” [Network tool]
17) Snort “pacman -S snort” [Network tool]
18) Kismet “pacman -S kismet” [Network tool]
19) Ettercap “pacman -S ettercap ettercap-gtk gksu” [Network tool]
20) Wireshark “pacman -S wirshark-gtk” [Network tool]
* You need to add your username to the wireshark group to use it in your normal account: “gpasswd -a XXXXX wireshark” where XXXXX is your username; Onion” *
Now, instead of re-logging in just to get access to Wireshark, I’ll just reboot to make sure things works whenever I boot the machine (And a habit of Windows).

There’s something bothering me about sudo which is I have to use the user account’s password instead of root’s password. I actually want it to use the root’s password whenever I sudo. Here’s how to fix this issue:
1) Open “/etc/sudoers”
2) Add “Defaults rootpw”
3) Save
4) Exit sudo

Next post will discuss AUR (Arch User Repository)… Until then, things are fun so far :3

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