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Well took me 24hours to think about what to Post as my first post in this Awesome blog , and i said HEY why not Post an impression  about Jolicloud so i insttalled it on my MSI Wind U100 Netbook, and now here it is folks , hope im helpful …

Impression :

  1. What i think about Jolicloud , To me Speed is Everything , thank god Jolicloud is Blazing fast, i tried every OS i could install on this thing , OSX /Ubuntu/Win XP/Win Vista/ Win 7 . And Jolicloud is running circles around everyone of them
  2. The UI : The user interface is really easy heres a pic to prove it , to install an app you just Click and it installs , and deleting one is well…..Just as easy !! People say Os X is easy LOL wait Till they use Jolicloud.
  3. Jolicloud Always in Sync, with jolicloud your netbook/laptop/desktop/ tablet & other Devices your always in sync with The “”CLOUD””  Via , their cloud is a blend of your local files (HDD) and other supported services like and DropBox
  4. App store : The Appstore , there is Hundreds of apps to chose from like Skype, Dropbox, Pandora Radio , Twitter, Boxee, Vlc media player Etc…. and their free , Most of the apps are based with Chromium HTML5 , which means they need Active internet Access , even Games are Based on HTML5 and their basicly Streamed over the network……wow Web browser games came a long way since a few years back .
  5. Conclusion : Speed , Simplicity ,User Friendly………What more does a person need as For An Os . But Jolicloud is meant to be a Social Operating system for Facebook, twitter, My space and many others ( that i dont know )
  6. Bottom Line : i give this OS  4/5  given that it needs an active internet connection to Really have fun with it

Well All thanks & credit Goes for Jolicloud for Making this Nifty and Wonderful OS.

9 thoughts on “Jolicloud: impression

  1. Hi. I draw the line at all things unholy and.. cloudy.

    But seeing that you don’t have issues with the cloud, why haven’t you tried chromium os?

    There aren’t any official images available but some guy has been offering a compiled version for some time now:

    Before you guys start yapping about how it’s from the evil company. This is the public, open source branch of the project. it hasn’t been googlefied yet.

  2. Nice post and welcome to the club! I’d suggest one tiny thing if you’re going to make future postings.

    Whenever you write anything from news, announcements, events, gossips from another blog, tutorials (unless it’s your own then no need) etc; be sure to credit your source of information by placing a link at the bottom of the article. Other than that your good to go!


    1. You forgot one advice! “Avoid writing long technical posts”!

      Most readers here are afraid from that! Only a few appreciate them, and I am gladly one of them!

      PS: I’m saying this out of experience!

  3. That was a very nice post, well done! However, I also tested JoliCloud aswell but my impressions were a bit different! I thought of posting about it, but I didn’t do it!

    Things I like:
    -How they fool all users, making them believe that this is almost an independent OS because of it’s UI!

    What I dont like:
    -Their login welcome screen! It can be bypassed easily
    -When you’re using it for only the basic stuff, it looks nice and elegent, but when you start using the other stuff (Gparted, Inkscape, even filemanagers), the theme stands out awfully! Especially their customized progressbar window!!
    -Their organization of entries and categories, MeeGo did a better job!
    -The fact that there is a FULL ubuntu behind that launcher of theirs! They can change some apps that would be more netbook friendly!

    There are other stuff but i think these are enough!

    So I give jolicloud UI 7.5/10

    Oh, and *waves anxiously* welcome to the blog! ^_^
    Don’t forget to join the forum and introduce yourself! 😉

    1. Explain the screen bypass.

      As in, if you already have a way to bypass it, write it up so I can bypass mine 😛

      1. I installed Jolicloud on my netbook to make sure i give the right instructions, but it seems that Xorg wouldnt run! I’m not free atm, I’ll play with it’s stupidity later! As for now, i’ll give you a hint: JoliCloud login screen = JoliCloud Launcher = Chromium browser!

        I can go further, but i believe a geek like you can make his way through!

        PS: Don’t over think it!

  4. Thanks guys , believe it or not this is a Really summarized Version of the impression , did everything i could to make it less technical ,short and easy to read . Thanks For the advice guys !
    Gonna keep them in mind from now on 😀

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