IT’S OUT! ZOMG!! Download it NOW!

Robot Unicorn Attack is officially OUT to download at the iTunes Store!! Now you can carry this EPIC game everywhere with you!! Sing with me “Always I wanna be with you..” *Pays 3 Dollars* “…and make believe with you and live in harmony harmony oh love!” 😀

Seriously, don’t you guys feel this way when you play the game.

3 thoughts on “IT’S OUT! ZOMG!! Download it NOW!

  1. i agree that the game is kinda fun, but the song was wrong on so many different levels.
    its true that i laugh just from listening to it and every time i die 😛

    but oh well, bye bye, iphone app, oh and wait i can play the game on my droid for free XD

  2. I’m probably thinking of getting xperia series or wait for a bit for the new windows mobile phone. I don’t have an iphone btw just an ipod touch. 🙂

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