Iphone/touch app – BLOWS REAL AIR?!

Ok seriously I can’t wait to get my touch soon because the ADs for the iphone/touch are true. THERE IS AN APP for JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!!!

This app is pretty amazing to what you can do with sound. Right now it is listed as the download of the week.

Here is a test to all the developers out there for the Iphone/touch. I have a couple of ideas for an app and I DARE YOU to create it. Because if you do you’ll be famous and I can garantee it.

Create an app that allows you start fire or a fire starter. How do I go about doing that you say? I have absolutely no idea but if there is an app for making your iphone/touch to ridding off bugs, make it into a dildo, give it fart noises and blowing air; I don’t see how creating a fire starter app is any different from the apps I’ve mentioned above.

OH yes another app to think about is heart rate counter like you would find in a tread mill machine that would could your heart rate after a long run ON THE SPOT that is and also another app would be for someone that has trouble breathing and Iphone/touch acts like an oxygen tank. Better yet, create an app that heats coffee mugs!! WOOOH COFFEE!!!

Let’s recap the Apps I mentioned for future release.

1. Fire Starter
2. Heart rate counter
3. Oxygen tank
4. Coffee Mug heater

Now there is something to think about. GET TO IT SLAvEs..erumm.. I mean.. DEVELOPERS! AND BECOME FAMOUS!!! 😀

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