iPhone 5 rumors


According to BGR where they accorded it to a Taiwanese Apple fanboy which accorded it to… Iunno….

Anyway, according to the people above, there are 3 iPhone 5 prototypes which one of’em has a physical slide-out keyboard and the other two are a mixture of thinner and 8MP camera sort of thing… Or maybe that’s a prototype features both…

I’m all for physical keyboard and they’re better than touch-based keyboards in my personal opinion (Yet, touch-based keyboards aren’t bad at all… Remember Swype?). But for Apple to use a physical keyboard (Noting that they went against that idea so many times) is like a cat that barks! It is just wrong! (Noting that few days ago, me and my friend Dragos saw a cat that barked few times… I don’t know what the hell did that cat have, but I’m sure it’s not cheezburger).

We’ll make sure how the next iPhone would be like when a drunktard forgets it in some bar xD


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