iPhone 4G?

I received this from a friend, who also received it from another friend, so the actual source in unknown. But it’s obviously a picture of an iPhone 😛

If this is the rumored iPhone 4G, then I say it looks good. The interface looks better than 3G. Apparently you can change the background, rather than the black one of the current 3G. Also, it has some resemblance to Android interface, don’t you think?

We can see a 2Mpixels front camera, and this one appears to be 64GB, which is a first for Apple’s iPhones.

Also, from the picture, I can conclude it would come in different colors, which is nice!

There are no guarantees here, but if this was truly how it would look like, I like it 🙂

3 thoughts on “iPhone 4G?

  1. “it has some resemblance to Android interface, don’t you think” +!

    It sure looks more decent than 3g! ANd would look awesome to have android on that!!

  2. if you want to make sure about it. it will be announced today at say 5 PM Kuwait time, just google news for iphone 4g or HD (thats what i heard they’ll be calling it)

  3. @AnxiousNut: Its only a matter of time before android hits that one, too. 😛

    @Eggmaster: Today’s Apple keynote, so you reckon they’ll annouce it today?

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