Intelligent men have better sperm!?

I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this… And I’m sure people would go like “Eww!! gross!!!” on such topic… But hey, we all came from such thing anyways 😛

I’ll write a short description, you read the full details if you like:

They made study on some men in the United States (more than 400 men) with different intelligence state… And figured out that those with good intelligence would produce better quality sperm… Which doesn’t mean it ALWAYS occurs… It only means that they only scored better statistically results…

I could be wrong… Thats how I understood it…

But as a joke; “Are we REALLY able to produce such quality sperm (considering our current lame youth) here in Kuwait?” 😛

Click here to read the BBC post.

5 thoughts on “Intelligent men have better sperm!?

  1. that’s a joke, if this smart person was a migit, then his children will be, if that person had ugly face, then his children will be.

    they just want the nerds to get laid >.>

  2. that could be true… but then again, they wouldn’t suggest such thing unless they’re statistically sure about it… after all, they’re researchers 😛

  3. You know, I am a researcher! Once I have searched Google for the word “hacks” which means I am a searcher! but after a long time I have searched Google for the same word which made me a Researcher!! :)))

    BTW, I have one question, the people who agreed to be the research based on them. ARE THEY STUPID? HOW COULD THEY AGREE?


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