Infinity Ward Calls Backup

During march last year many heads of Infinity Ward got fired, and like loyal troops many of the top developers followed their leaders and quit their jobs.

Sounds like a usual case for a game company, especially in todays economy, but this is no usual game company. Infinity Ward are the creators of the Modern Warfare franchise and it appears to be that the will need to call in back up for their next fight. Modern Warfare 3 will be co-developed by Sledghammer Games.

If you haven’t heard of Sledghammer Games don’t worry about it because neither have I. Sledgehammer Games is a brand new company with absolutely no history in any games.

Another company which has been recruited, that I actually have heard of, is Raven Software.

If you haven’t heard of Raven Software…. Go grab a sledghammer and hit yourself with it. Raven Software worked on Quake 4, Heretic, and Wolfenstein.

Sledgehammer is working on the single player portion while Raven will work on the multi player bit.

Will this trio of company’s working on Modern Warfare 3 work out well or will this just make you hit your games with a Sledgehammer?


Bring back Ghost please

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