Similac Baby Formula in Kuwait is SAFE!


It’s official. I’ve just checked today’s Aqabas newspaper and Kuwait Similac product is totally safe to consume! Kudos to Mark for the tip.

Link to PDF newspaper: Alqabas turn to page 7 of 53 !

Old Post Title:Important Message Parents: Saudi Arabia Bans Similac Baby Formula – Company Calling a Massive Recall

Attention parents this message is for you. According to the Arabian Saudi Arabia has just announced a ban on Similac Baby infant formula for the possibility of beetle and larva contamination. A week ago Similac of Abbot Laboratories has just recently initiated a massive recall of five million of its cans and containers of Similac powder infant formulas. This recall however is only limited to the United States, Guam Puerto Rico and other countries in the Caribbean. Although Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is taking full precaution to ensure that any Similac products does not enter the country until the investigation is closed and announced to be clean.

My advice for you to be on the safe side for both you and your baby is to stop using any Similac products until future updates from Abbot Laboratories have announced on this issue or the SFDA.


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9 thoughts on “Similac Baby Formula in Kuwait is SAFE!

    1. You may never know. Because like Saudi Arabia we too have the same supplies as they do. If Saudi Arabia is pulling this product out of its shelves shouldn’t we be doing the same thing?

    1. Mark could you please e-mail a picture copy of that ad clipping so that I can update the status on this post. I was looking over the net for Similac Kuwait related material today and I couldn’t find any press release on it from the company.

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